How to book Wine tasting courses in Paris

Wine marks an important part of French way of life as a result, there have been a continued wine tasting series in Paris. All are invited to parting in wine tasting series so as to see improving changes in taste of wine. It has been quite long since we began this wine tasting series and this year marks our fortieth year. During this given year we’ve visited our neighbouring countries and introduced Belgian beer. There are a unique memory that each individual participated creates during the tasting smelling process.

We invite all people interested in wine tasting Paris courses to make application. Space being limited, we advise applicant to book courses early enough to avoid rush hours. Our posing include everything from beginning from day one to entire semester especially in depth courses involving morning walk which will always occur in Paris and late hours wine tasting season.

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Be bit faster to sign up since spaces are limited and a lot of applicant are rushing in .Sign up early to confirm whether you are added. First you have to sign to be a member and then you proceed with your application with ease. If you are not a member yet, you have a chance to join today. We offer a faster system of online payment but other ways are also available like telephone and also through mail. In our calendar ,the admission for new students will take place will take place on twenty seventh coming February and we all of the applicants are welcomed to joins us continue this journey of wine tasting. Feel welcome. Occasion will take place at WICE office next school auditorium.

Upcoming tasting courses available are; LJ24 Pinot Noir for wine only. This intake will take place on twenty fourth February. It’s unfortunate it will be the first intake to be conducted. Others will follow. Check with us school calendar available in our website.