Improve Your Senses with a French Wine Tasting Course

Wine has been at the heart of French culture for over 12,000 years. So, a trip to Paris cannot be complete without a sensory exploration of some of the finest wines the country has to offer.

Wine tasting in Paris

A wine tasting in Paris is experience allows you to involve all your senses. The aromas of the crisp whites or robust reds will fill your nose. See the clarity in a bottle of tantalising Chablis, and touch glasses with new friends as you share this unique culinary experience.

Wine Tasting Paris

On a good wine tasting course, you’ll learn how to spot the “legs” of a strong wine, and can train your eyes to see the difference when you swirl wines around the glass. Your eyes are also treated to the amazing range of colours in French wine, from pale, delicate Chenin Blanc to the deeper gold of Chardonnay, and from the pale ruby of a Pinot Noir to the deeper plum tones of a Bordeaux.

You’ll be shown how to take a deep breath of the wine to appreciate the nose and talk about the floral notes or woody tones. You’ll hear the different tones in the popping of corks and the bubbles fizzing in champagne. Even your fingers get involved as it’s explained how to literally feel the quality of the wine.

Learn about the concept of “Terroir”; the way the climate, soil and even the landscape itself all affect the flavour and character of the grapes that eventually become quality French wines. Find out the difference between grape varieties and what wines they become, from Cabernet Franc to Pinot Noir.

Most importantly, wine is about pleasure and enjoyment. With a wine tasting experience in Paris you experience the joy and great taste of French wines surrounded by the incredible culture and history of this exciting and romantic city. Salut!